Salt Lake City, UT – In a poll of 687 Active Republican by Silver Bullet, LLC voters in Utah 52.2% responded that they do not believe President Obama loves America while 25.8 of the respondents answered that they did believe Obama loves America. Early this week, a National Survey by You Gov of all voters found that 47% of Americans thought Obama loved America, 38% disagreed and 20% were not sure.

The Utah poll was conducted by IVR on Wednesday evening calling only recent voters registered with the Republican Party. The findings differed some from the poll conducted by YouGov which polled 236 Republicans, finding 69% believing that President Obama did not love America – compared to 52% in Utah.

poll chart

The Utah poll also asked if the respondents thought that High School Students should be required to pass the same civics exam new citizens must pass to become American citizens. Of those polled 73% felt that High School students should be required to pass the Naturalization Civics Exam.  The current bill, SB60 sponsored by Senator Howard Stephenson, would require such a law.  The bill has passed the Senate and awaits a vote from the full body of the House before it can be signed into law.

The final question addressed the 2016 presidential nomination for the Republican Party.  Jeb Bush leads the pack with 21.5%, Scott Walker is not far behind at 18% and no other candidate neared 10%, 29% of respondents are undecided on their choice for nomination.

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